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What Are We Looking For?

01 / Expertise & Experience In The Sanitization Industry

02 / Clients Looking For A "Reopen/Stay Open" Strategy

03 / Individuals Looking To Add Value To Their Existing Services

TS Certified is a simple and affordable way to empower companies to provide a solution to their sanitization and disinfection needs for their facilities and fleet. The TS Certified process, our products, and our communications system is sold through a B2B sales model and offered as a 12-month or multi-year contract. Our process provides peace of mind for companies wanting to communicate to their customers and employees how important their safety is to their success.

Our Referral Partners

The TS Certified sanitization process marries your current service offering with an affordable everyday solution that brings your customers closer to realizing how regular disinfection can be attainable. Delivering a comprehensive system offering solutions not only in disinfection but also in stakeholder trust and communication, is paramount to not only your success, but theirs.


Examples of these stakeholders include: gyms, churches, salons, restaurants, car dealerships, driving schools, public safety vehicles, rideshare and corporate & private fleets.

Training & Certification

We train and certify our customers on our simple step-by-step process and provide the support they need to implement our vehicle sanitization process.

99.99% Proven


Our process is proven and tested to eliminate and control 99.99% of harmful viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi that cause illness and unwanted odors. 

30 Days Of Residual Protection

Our TS Defender offers residual protection against viruses, bacteria, mold and and fungi for up to 30 days to add additional support between sanitization treatments.

Our products are EPA-registered, approved by the FDA, USDA, and used in accordance with CDC, OSHA, and the World Health Organization guidelines for disinfecting.

Certification & Communications

We offer a communications plan that delivers to our customers a promise and plan for regular sanitization and disinfection. With a full library of communications collateral for facilities and fleets (and growing every day), the resources we provide a customer to fulfill a robust communications plan for their customers, employees and other stakeholders sets TS Certified apart from every company in the marketplace.

TS Certified Handles The Heavy Lifting

Flexible 12-Month


TS Certified invests in our customers by providing the science, technology, resources, and communication materials to meet their immediate needs through the security of a 12-month contract. TS Certified understands the burden our customers have in the "New Normal," and we do the heavy lifting for them.

Dedicated Account


We provide a dedicated Account Executive to each of our customers to assist with training, growth, and technical questions. Each TS Certified Referral Partner also receives a dedicated TS Certified leader and quarterly training offerings to grow this part of your business. 

Benefits Of The TS Certified Referral Partner Program

Rich First-Year Referral Fee.

Residual Referral Fee.

90-day Referral Life.

Average Contract Value / Facilities $4,800

Average Contract Value / Fleet $18,000

Sales Collateral Library + Digital Resources

Easy Referral Handoff

Referral Partner Commission Portal

We Look Forward To Creating A Plan On How We Can Partner Together.

Our TS Certified professionals are here to get you started. Sign up today to become a referral partner.




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