PSS/VSS Quad Kit for use with anti-bacterial solutions & sanitizers. The VSS pump produces up to 170psi, with the push of a button on a multi-speed wireless remote. It atomizes your solution into a fine mist to disinfect large or small areas quickly & efficiently. The system comes with 4 nozzles on a 16' (trim to fit) line. It's lightweight and easy to install in minutes. Use in backseats of vehicles, doorways or any other large areas that require stationary sanitizing. Perfect solution for Ride-shares!


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PSS/VSS Quad Kit

  • Kit Includes:

    - Rechargeable Pump

    - Wireless 8 Speed Remote

    - VSS Reservoir & Insulated cover

    - 4 Mist Nozzles spaced 4 ft. apart with clip attachments *Trim to fit

    - 4 ft. feed Line (To connect to solution source)

    - Protective Pump Cover

    - AC fast Charger & Micro USB cable

    - Doubles as a Power Bank to fast charge phones & gadgets