ExtremeMist® PSS Portable Sanitizing System, mobile, light-weight design is the most comfortable backpack system on the market! It allows you to sanitize large or small areas quickly & efficiently with the touch of a button.

Included 8 speed wireless remote, allows the user total control of the rate & density of the disinfecting solution of your choice. Lightweight & easy to use. 

The ExtremeMist Portable Sanitizing System comes with a 2 Liter reservoir and the whole system weighs approximately 6 lbs fully loaded. The complete pack comes w/ an extra solution reservoir for quick-change extended use. 

Our "Blue Pump" technology atomizes your solutions (up to 170 PSI) into a fine mist cloud that dries quickly or lower the speed for a higher density coverage. 

Use for home or commercial sanitizing applications.


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PSS Back Pack

  • The Portable Sanitizing System Backpack is certified to be used with all TS Certified disinfectants and sanitizers. Remote controlled 8 speed mist system, USB-rechargeable battery powered, spray reach 36 inches,  grey, with 2 liter reservoir (65% less product needed) - 4,000 - 5,000 sq. ft. per hour. Industrial grade. Commercial or consumer use. Backpack size fits Men's Medium - 3XL shirt size.