YellowCabCo. Commits To TS Certified Solution

As one of the premier transportation companies in the Midwest, Yellow Cab is counted on daily by thousands of clients to safely and securely transfer individuals, business travelers and families to their destinations. With their top priority on friendly, on-time service with clean cars, Yellow Cab’s reputation is one of the best around town.

The Problem

During the pandemic, Yellow Cab saw driver attrition grow due to fear of contamination and contact with COVID-19. With several attempts to prevent the spread of disease inside their vehicles, drivers tried everything from clear plastic barriers to hand wipes to clean their cars and protect themselves. But without the confidence to be able to confirm their cars were beyond clean, but disinfected, drivers continued to leave.

In addition to their staffing issue, customer ride count plummeted. Granted, some of this decline was due to governmental restriction, but after those were lifted, a client trust gap still remained. Although it was no one’s fault that trust was weary, the fact remained that customer’s worry was causing them to avoid public and private transportation. Yellow Cab needed a clear and trusted way to message to their clientele that they had put health and safety, and most importantly the elimination of harmful bacteria, viruses and germs, as their number one priority.

The Solution

One the biggest hurdles to overcome was the creation of a 3rd party trusted source of messaging for Yellow Cab’s new commitment to sanitizing their vehicles, protecting their customers, and keeping their drivers safe. The solution came with TS Certified’s co-branded customer facing marketing paired with regularly scheduled TS Vapor Shock Treatments, all verified via TS’s CertTraker. In the end, a TS sanitization specialist worked closely with the company to figure out the perfect sanitization plan based on passenger traffic and driver comfortability. In addition to the regularly scheduled TS Shock Treatments, each cab was equipped with a TS Defender to provide additional residual protection between treatments and coverage for multiple fares a day.

With their fleet spread across the state, understanding how to track and certify each car became Yellow Cab’s next highest priority. They understand that if even one car was not sanitized properly, they were not living up to the standard they promised themselves and their passengers. The solution came in the form of the TS CertTracker. With this software in hand, Yellow Cab was able to track and service multiple locations with a quick and easy scan of each vehicle’s VIN number without missing a single vehicle. With this process they were able to automatically log their regularly scheduled treatments and have the confidence to know their entire fleet was properly serviced with the TS Shock Treatment.

The Results

Utilizing the TS CertTraker, Yellow Cab was able to ensure their TS Shock Treatments, paired with regular replacement of the TS Defender—a residual germ fighter assisting between shock treatments—allowing for each of their students and instructors to feel safer and more confident to enter their vehicles.

The results were clear and most excitingly, immediate. “The safety of our drivers and our passengers is key.” stated Randy Sackett, President of Yellow Cab Co.. “After two months working with TS, we’re up to 70% capacity with customer confidence, gaining daily with clear client facing TS communications and no Covid-19 cases among my drivers. We believe in the safety of our drivers and passengers, to protect from and prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria and other air-borne pathogens today and into the future.”