One Driver At A Time - Top Driver Shows The Way To A Safer Ride

As a right-of-passage, getting one’s driver’s license is seen as a celebrated milestone. Children, adults and even newcomers to the country dream about it for years. As one of the premier driving schools in the country, Top Driver takes their role in this life goal very seriously, putting the safety of their students as their number one priority. With well-maintained and clean cars paired with professional and friendly instructors, Top Driver is synonymous with a trusted brand within the industry and community.

The Problem

Carrying some of the most precious cargo there is, Top Driver needed to find a way to communicate they not only take external factors like: road safety, well-maintained vehicles and highly trained instructors into account, but in the age of COVID, they are looking after the health and wellbeing of each of their students and drivers as well. Without governmental regulation or guidance recommending options outside of ‘social distancing’, an impossible option due to vehicle constraints, Top Driver needed another solution.

In addition, Top Driver was looking beyond the moment they had secured their sanitization solution and began questioning how they could communicate their efforts with the schools, communities and Mothers & Fathers of their students.

The Solution

Working closely with their assigned TS Sanitization Specialist, Top Driver was able to uncover an affordable option to certify their staff and sanitize their cars to a 99.99% elimination of harmful viruses, bacteria and germs. After locking in these regularly scheduled treatments, they had another new challenge to overcome.

With their fleet spread across the state, understanding how to track and certify each car became Top Driver’s next highest priority. They understand that if even one car was not sanitized properly, they were not living up to the standard they promised themselves and their students. The solution came in the form of the TS CertTracker. With this software in hand, Top Driver was able to track and service multiple locations with a quick and easy scan of each vehicle’s VIN number without missing a single vehicle. With this process they were able to automatically log their regularly scheduled treatments and have the confidence to know their entire fleet was properly serviced with the TS Shock Treatment.

The Results

Utilizing the TS CertTraker, Top Driver was able to ensure their TS Shock Treatments, paired with regular replacement of the TS Defender—a residual germ fighter assisting between shock treatments—allowing for each of their students and instructors to feel safer and more confident to enter their vehicles.

Finally, with the ability to clearly communicate their new found messaging of healthier and safer sanitization to their schools, parents and students with outward facing 3rd party brand messaging, Top Driver saw an immediate peace-of-mind with their stakeholders willingness to get back into the driver’s seat!