MB Solutions Takes The Necessary Next Step In Staying Safe

As an essential service before, during and after the global pandemic, MB Solutions uses their fleet of emergency vehicles paired with trained lifesaving professionals to safely transfer those in need. As the frontline of defense for the medical industry, citizens count on them every day to show up, deliver and assist in their first step in recovery.

The Problem

Long before the pandemic, these brave men and women were dealing with the unknown and unseen threats based on both the patients they service and the residual contamination left within their ambulances from previous shifts. Regarded as some of the most courageous among us, once COVID hit, the threat became even more real and the unseen, seen in the number of deaths and cases reported. In a job where hesitation can be the difference of life and death, MB Solutions needed to bring back their staff’s confidence within their ambulances to best serve their public.

The Solution

After consulting with their dedicated TS sanitization specialist, TS Certified and MB Solutions determined that based on their needs, contact with harmful contaminants and overall desire to protect their employees and passengers, MB Solutions would require more than the standard bi-monthly, or even weekly, TS Vapor Shock treatment. Instead, together the team concluded that in order to provide the assurances needed for employees and patients to feel like they were entering a sanitized and safe ambulance, MB needed daily and often multiple/post patient transfer treatments. With this in mind, TS set them up with a pricing package that made the daily TS Vapor Shock Treatment, paired with the TS Defender for residual effect against harmful contaminates, affordable and the most viable option.

The Results

After implementing their new TS Certified system, MB Solutions quickly saw the impact in higher employee satisfaction and confidence to perform to their highest capabilities. Finally, with the ability to convey their new found messaging of healthier and safer sanitization to their customer with outward facing 3rd party brand messaging, the team saw an immediate ease and peace-of-mind with their clients so MB Solutions could focus on the task at hand.