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TS Certified Event Space

COVID-19 RESPONSE / The current status of the world has created a need, both present and future, for a new standard of safety, not only for ourselves but for everyone, when entering event spaces. Making certain event spaces are not merely cleaned, but thoroughly and thoughtfully disinfected of harmful germs, bacteria and viruses is paramount to moving forward with global health and safety, along with peace of mind.

What Does Our TS Certification Mean For Our Volunteers, Vendors & Attendees?

Training & Certification

We have received step-by-step instructions and support on how to implement a proper

sanitization and disinfectant process to become a TS Certified event space.​

99.99% Proven


The process we have been trained in is proven and tested to eliminate and control 99.99% of harmful viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi that cause illness and unwanted odors.

30 Days Of Residual Protection

We use a residual product called the TS Defender, which offers protection for our volunteers, vendors and attendees against viruses, bacteria, mold and and fungi for up to 30 days to support us between regular disinfectant wipe-down procedures.

All products used are EPA-registered, approved by the FDA, USDA, and used in accordance with CDC, OSHA, and the World Health Organization guidelines for disinfecting.



E | info@tscert.com.

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