TS Certified Approved Vapor Shock Applicator


Portable Sanitizing System (PSS)

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TS Certified Equipment

The following products are TS Certified and approved for use when applying our disinfectants during the sanitization process. The applicators and equipment we distribute allow you to easily and efficiently sanitize your fleets and facilities.

PSS Sanitizing System


When mobility and comfort matter most, this Portable Sanitizing System (PSS) is your answer. This TS Certified approved cordless base backpack can be paired with a wand and a waist-pack for added functionality. The backpack has a variable 8-speed mist system which provides total control of the antimicrobial dispersion process. It enables the user to spray our TS Certified Vapor Shock products among people and animals with safety top-of-mind. Unlike mass-area sprayers, our systems spray-reach is approximately 36 inches. Traditional Foggers allow solutions to linger in the air for much longer periods of time; and should only be used in vacated spaces. The PSS can be used to spray both small and large areas with far superior coverage (4000-5000 sq. ft. per hour) over traditional trigger style spray bottles, making it perfect for consumer or commercial use.

PSS Additional Equipment

Assessories & Replacement Parts

Vehicle Sanitizing

System (VSS)


The Vehicle Sanitizing System (VSS) was created specifically for use with anti-bacterial solutions & sanitizers. The VSS pump produces up to 170psi, with the push of a button on a multi-speed wireless remote. It atomizes your solution into a fine mist to disinfect large or small areas quickly & efficiently. The system comes with 4 nozzles on a 16' (trim to fit) line. It's lightweight and easy to install in minutes. Use in backseats of vehicles, doorways or any other large areas that require stationary sanitizing.

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