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& Applying The Science Of ClO2

It's safe. It's effective. It gets the job done 99.99% of the time.

By applying the science and harnessing the power of chlorine dioxide, TS Certified is able to offer our customers the ability to eliminate and control 99.99% of harmful viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi that cause illness and unwanted odors in their vehicles and facilities.


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Disinfectants can be harsh and even dangerous. Yet, we often turn to bleaches and similar compounds when faced with the need for an effective cleaner/antimicrobial agent. Although these products may be familiar to us, they come with several obvious drawbacks.

Your Customers & Employees Deserve Better

Our medical grade products offer you the ability to harness the power and convenience of a proven, safe and efficient solution to disinfecting your business. Whether you are a fleet or facility, the TS Certified program and the science of disinfection can pave the way for success.



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Chlorine Dioxide / One Of The Safest & Most Efficient Disinfectant Solutions On The Market

Historically, chlorine dioxide (ClO2) became important in sanitation because of municipal water treatment concerns about halomethanes and chloramines generated during industrial chlorine-based water treatment. To date, limitations in ClO2 gas generation technology have kept this attractive product from many applications for which its properties would be advantageous.



ClO2 Is Chemically Selective

Chlorine dioxide is more chemically selective than bleaches, ozone, or peroxides. This means that it destroys unwanted microbes without burning or corroding surfaces.


ClO2 Is A Neutral Molecule

Chlorine dioxide is a neutral molecule. This allows it to seamlessly infiltrate growths (such as biofilm) and destroy the inner-lying molds and spores.


ClO2 Is More Efficient

Chlorine dioxide disinfects via oxidation. The chlorine dioxide molecule has an oxidation number 2½ times higher than bleach, ozone, and peroxide, which means that lower levels of ClO2 can accomplish the same disinfection applications as higher levels of these conventional chemicals.



ClO2 Won't Destroy Your Stuff

Chlorine dioxide has a high material compatibility and leaves no residual on hard, non-porous surfaces.


About The TS Defender

The TS Defender is a slow-release vapor packet used as a deodorant. When exposed to moisture in the air, the packet releases a safe amount of vapor into your vehicle or facility to help reduce and control harmful germs, mold, and fungi that cause illness and unwanted odors. TS Defender is effective for 30 days of residual protection.